hollywood sure has an easy time finding brown and black people to play terrorists, thugs, drug dealers, gangsters, servants, “barbarians”, hypersexualized or desexualized caricatures but all of a sudden you need a lead role and


gosh where did they go i swear we put them here right after zero dark thirty??

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Title Card!

I’m gonna take a moment to come back to tumblr just to shamelessly plug my favorite senior thesis from Ringling this year…. seriously, it’s SOOO GOOD. Can’t wait until they upload the full film online!

holy shit TPP is so stressful to watch right now

So you wish you were Asian.


My parents came to the United States with a suitcase filled with things from their previous lives. They worked two jobs, seven days a week, while studying as full-time students to complete their education. My dad tells me stories about how he waited tables late into…


MiraXSnake (Bunbuns) for Bri! :’D This was so cute and fun to draw but it took me forever. I hope you enjoy. I haven’t actually fully colored something in forever, so I guess this looks okay after such a long lack of practice! I hope you like it. ; u ;

YES! They’re so cute! <33

CONFIRMED: Walt Disney Animation Studios’ upcoming feature film, Moana, will be a 2D-3D hybrid animation style similar to what they experimented with in their short film, Paperman (2012). Moana is scheduled to be released in 2018.
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did a super super fast doodle while procrastinating on homework… lol
I might blow this up and use it as an underpainting if I have time, hahaha! maybe postcard size <8]

i really want to sell at a con…. *sigh*